Wineries and Wine Tasting in Southern Arizona

Southern AZ Wine CountryThere are two wine growing areas in Southern Arizona, and wineries sprouting up all over the area: the towns of Sonoita-Elgin in Santa Cruz county and Willcox in Cochise County. They are roughly an hour apart. The Sonoita-Elgin wineries are the oldest and closest to Tucson. Most people think of these wineries when talking about winetasting in Southern Arizona. But there is a new crop of Wineries springing up around Willcox. The town of Willcox sports several wine tasting rooms, which have popped up in the past couple of years. Some say the soil around Willcox is better. Must be the cows. You decide.

Coronado Vineyards Near Willcox Az

Coronado Vineyards Willcox Az

Coronado Vineyards is just off the I-10 (exit 344) a few miles east of Willcox. To our delight, they had a great wine-tasting offer. Six different wines to sample plus the wine glass for only $7.00. Now, if the wines are any good, this could be a bonanza.

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Southern Arizona Wines – Sonoita / Elgin

Kief Joshua Vineyards

Southern Arizona has two main areas for growing wine grapes: Willcox about an hour’s drive east of Tucson and Sonoita/Elgin less than an hour’s drive to the southeast. But when people talk about Southern Arizona’s Wine Country, they’re mainly referring to Sonoita and Elgin.

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Willcox Area and Willcox Wines

Southern Az Wine Grapes

(October 2, 2011) Ms. Karen and I enjoyed our backroad travels yesterday in Cochise County – Southeastern Arizona. Stopped at the Rex Allen Museum in Willcox for the first time. The crowd was celebrating Rex Allen Days. Definitely esoteric local history. Which, by the way, I enjoy. I meet a … Continue reading