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Dakota Cafe FrontIt was a hot July Sunday, barely afternoon, when Ms. Karen & I took off on one of our adventures. We usually do a Sunday day-trip, but we got a late start and this would have to be a half-day trip. We headed for the wilds of East Tucson, a place we seldom visit because it's a 45-minute drive on a weekend, longer during the week.

Our object on this day was the Museum of the Horse Soldier at Trail Dust Town. Tucson has many attributes, and its many fine small museums have delighted us over the years.

We were aware that Trail Dust Town is a evening affair, as the shops don't open until around 5 PM. With two notable exceptions: the Horse Soldier Museum and Dakota Cafe'. After our enjoyable & enlightening tour of the Museum we had a bite to eat at this delightful small cafe'.

Even though it was about a hundred in the shade, with their misters and fans, the patio was quite pleasant. Our waitress took our drink order. We both ordered a Perfect Margarita ($8). Was it perfect? Close. Very close!

Ms. Karen ordered a Bruschetta ($9) from the Appetizer side of the menu: Blue Cheese, Arizona Pecans, Apples, caramelized Onions, & Garden Basil with a Balsamic Reduction on toasted Ciabatta.

I was a bit hungrier so ordered a Prickly Pear BBQ Brisket ($10) from the Sandwich side of the menu: thin-sliced Brisket, caramelized Onions, smoked Gouda Cheese, on a Jalapeno-Cheese Roll.

After she had take a few bites of her Bruschetta, Ms. Karen told me, "This is really good. Here, try some." I did. We both pronounced the Dakota Cafe' Burschetta "Excellent". A really fine combination of tastes.

My Prickly Pear BBQ Brisket was also delicious. It came with fries, which we both thought were OK but nothing to write home about.

Our server was both pleasant and efficient. As we were finishing our lunch, she noticed my camera on our table. Assuming correctly that we appreciate fine photography, she suggested we go inside and look at the large photographs on the walls. We did. These were photographs of the Sonoran Desert by the late David Alan Harvey. They have since been removed but they often hang art from local artist on their walls.

4 StarsDakota Cafe': highly recommended.
6541 E. Tanque Verde in Train Dust Town

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