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October 18, 2013 - Neighbor Roy & I arrived about 5PM. Our mission? To photograph the annual  Colossal Cave Halloween Howl. Halloween Howl will be held next weekend as well. The ghosts and ghouls look forward to having you there! Learn more about Colossal Cave Mountain Park here.

Cave People 01
People w candles 02
Cave People 02
Zombie Girl REV
Roy As Apparition
Ghoul w skeleton
Ghoul w Girl 01
Cave People 04
Two Girls w Candles REV
Moon Rise 03
Smores Salesman
Bakery People
Girl On Ghost Pony

Can you imagine people so naive that they would descend into a totally black cave WITH ONLY A CANDLE as All Hallows' Eve approaches. Such fools! But these intrepid adventurers paid their nickel for a candlelight tour of Colossal Cave 25 miles east of Tucson.

Ghouls, zombies, and other living-dead folks wait impatiently all year for the unsuspecting to descend into Colossal Cave. No doubt, these two are doomed!

As they descended down, down into the cave, they began to hear strange noises. Something unhuman seemed to be in anguish somewhere in the black recesses of the cave.

The farther down they went, the louder those hideous noise became. Using only their candlelight, they could only see a few feet ahead. But what little they could see didn't look human.

As they neared the bottom of the cave, strange apparitions began to appear.

At one point they came across what looked to be a burial party. But whomever they were, they were not burying people. Rather they were exhuming human skeletons. The anguished cries of the dead seemed to emanate from every bone.

Whomever these two were, they were definitely not with the original tour group that had so carelessly descended into the deepest catacombs. They seemed to be wandering aimlessly in the dark.

As the screams of the undead grew unbearable, the group leader called a hasty conference and tried to project a happy continence in the face of such terror. It was generally agreed that the group should seek an exit ASAP. But where was the the way out? Was there a way out?

Suddenly, they heard the creaking of a heavy door opening. A ghoulish face peered out and seemed to beckon them to enter. They had no idea what horrors were beyond the door, but what option did they have?

Having entered through the door, they followed the ghoulish presence into dark, winding hallways, their candles almost spent.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, the intrepid tour group emerged from the haunted cave. They felt the fresh night air and breathed a sigh of relief. A Hunter's Moon was just then rising over Colossal Cave Mountain Park. It was so bright that they did not need their candles to find their way to La Posta Quemada Ranch below the cave where friends were waiting for them.

At the Ranch, there were a lot of people having fun in many different activities. There was quite a long line waiting for the haunted hayride, so we missed that. But we did observe people gathered around the fire pit roasting marshmallows. Apparently smores are as popular with kids today as when we were little.

These friendly folks were selling baked goods wrapped in ribbons. A quick $6 transaction & I had fresh banana walnut bread to take home. Yummmm!

Having braved the haunted cave, she was not afraid to ride a ghost pony.

The staff of Colossal Cave Mountain Park was as friendly & helpful as always. These are some of our favorite Southern Arizona people. Just be aware that they have taken "Trick or Treat" to a whole new level.

Editor's Note: I dreaded this assignment. Photography is tough enough without trying to capture a great image in the dark with moving subjects ... WITHOUT FLASH. Go ahead. You try it.
I employed my fastest lenses ... a 1.8 28mm and a 1.4 50mm. I cranked up the ISO to 12,000. I put the camera on a tripod. We hid in the cave awaiting unsuspecting ghouls, zombies, ghosts, & assorted tourists. We snuck behind the cave to capture moonrise over Colossal Cave Mountain Park. We drove the mile or so down to the Ranch to photograph the haunted hayride and other festivities. 'Twas a dark & scary night!

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