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October 18, 2013 - Neighbor Roy & I arrived about 5PM. Our mission? To photograph the annual  Colossal Cave Halloween Howl. Halloween Howl will be held next weekend as well. The ghosts and ghouls look forward to having you there! Learn more about Colossal Cave Mountain Park here.

Cave People 01Can you imagine people so naive that they would descend into a totally black cave WITH ONLY A CANDLE as All Hallows' Eve approaches. Such fools! But these intrepid adventurers paid their nickel for a candlelight tour of Colossal Cave 25 miles east of Tucson.
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Editor's Note: I dreaded this assignment. Photography is tough enough without trying to capture a great image in the dark with moving subjects ... WITHOUT FLASH. Go ahead. You try it.
I employed my fastest lenses ... a 1.8 28mm and a 1.4 50mm. I cranked up the ISO to 12,000. I put the camera on a tripod. We hid in the cave awaiting unsuspecting ghouls, zombies, ghosts, & assorted tourists. We snuck behind the cave to capture moonrise over Colossal Cave Mountain Park. We drove the mile or so down to the Ranch to photograph the haunted hayride and other festivities. 'Twas a dark & scary night!

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