Cottonwoods: The Largest Trees in Arizona

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Cottonwoods are the largest trees in Arizona. This video, explaining the cottonwood at length is part of an educational series, by the Friends of the San Pedro River. Learn more about how the cottonwood contributes to the ecosystem and protects the San Pedro Riparian Area in this video. Mike Foster, … Continue reading

Are Javelina Dangerous?


There is no shortage of rumors of attacks by the “vicious” javelina. In this video Mike Foster talks about safety when it comes to confronting the Collared Peccary.

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Javelina of the San Pedro River


If you live in Southern Arizona, you probably have seen javelina from time to time, but you may not know much about them. This eductional video explores the javelina and their habitat along the San Pedro River, clearing up misconceptions along the way. Mike Foster, San Pedro River Videos, is … Continue reading

Pronghorn Released Near Elgin

Pronghorn Deer

The next time your are down Elgin way,headed to Overland Trout or some Wine tasting, keep a look out for the pronghorn deer. Their numbers grew by 40 last week. In this short video, Mike Foster tells you a bit more about their history in this area. Mike Foster, San … Continue reading

Thar Be Collared Peccaries In My Yard!


They look like hairy pigs, but aren’t. The Spanish, who were the first Europeans to settle in Southern Arizona, called them “javelina” meaning javelin or spear. When you see the skull of a collared peccary, you immediately know why. Those tusks are impressive. Typically they weigh 35 to 45 pounds, but some males beef up [...]

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The New Desert Museum Aquarium

Boy Watching Seahorses

On a clear Sunday morning in early February, Neighbor Roy, Ms. Karen, & I arrived at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum for our 2nd Behind The Scenes tour, this time of the new Warden Aquarium. Lacey was our guide for our group of 8, including two little boys who looked to be about 4 and 6 [...]

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Living With Coyotes


Arizona Game & Fish Department estimates that about 200,000 coyotes live in Arizona. They are equally at home in the wild, in our cities and in the suburbs; anywhere they can snatch a meal.

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Tucson, AZ: There’s A Guy Here Who Wants To Bug You!

androctonus bicolor thumb

Ken “The Bug Guy” MacNeil is a bugologist who has opened his mid-town Tucson pet store with an inventory of over 10,000 bugs. Spiders of course. And scorpions, tarantulas, millipedes, and dozens of other crawling species. Having a bug for a pet has several advantages over the usual dog or cat. Less maintenance. Less cost. [...]

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