The Elegant Trogan in Southern Arizona


Many birders come to Southern Arizona just for the prospect of seeing the Elegant Trogan, a bird who colorful appearance resemble birds from more tropical climates. They have a distinctive call and are elusive. However, the males are bright red on the chest which should make it easier to spot. … Continue reading

Texas Ranger after a Monsoon

Texas Ranger

This plant is beautiful after a monsoon rain. The Texas Ranger, Texas Sage or Barometer plant, scientific name, Leucophyllum, is a popular plant in the desert landscape for its bright purple blooms after a rain. Often sheered into perfectly round balls of shrubery, I prefer to let it go wild. … Continue reading

They’re Here! The New 2014-15 Tucson Attractions Passports

Tucson Book of Fun

Step right up and get your Tucson Attractions Passport, aka Book of Fun. This is the most economical way to see the Best Attractions that Southern Arizona has to offer. Before visiting any Southern Arizona attraction, we suggest you first buy a Tucson Attractions Passport for its 2-for-1 admissions and … Continue reading

Pima County Website

The Pima County website is a perfect resource for many things Free or Nearly so. Here is a link to the recreational pages where you will find hundreds of things to do for the whole family. … Continue reading

Natural Way to Discourage Ants


It’s summer and that means ants. But how to control them? Forget the expensive sprays to get rid of ants that are ruining your backyard serenity. Mix a concoction of half Borax, half sugar and pore it on the path. The ants will eat it, not knowing the difference and … Continue reading

There’s a Bee Swarm in my Yard!

Swarm of Bees

OR.. “WHAT THE H… IS THAT?” This is a bee swarm. As best I can tell it is an Africanized bee swarm. (They just don’t Look like honey bees.) We were on our way to Tombstone for their “Tombstone at Twilight”, which happens most 4th Saturday’s of the month. Pulling … Continue reading

Mt. Lemmon Cabin for Rent

Palisades Cabin

As the weather warms, Tucsonans will be searching for a way to get out of the heat! You can go camping on Mt. Lemmon or you can take a slightly more comfortable route and stay at the Palisades Ranger Residence Cabin, renting for $125 a night. The cabin sleeps 4 … Continue reading

Portal Cabin Rentals

Portal Bunkhouse

Birders will be pleased to hear that the Coronado National Forest is adding two cabins to the Portal area; The CCC Portal Bunkhouse and the CCC Portal House. Both house feature a fully stocked kitchen, sleep 4 or 5 and run $100-150 a night. For more information visit the Coronado … Continue reading