Firewheel, a Southwest Wildflower


Firewheel, a wildflower, common in the Southwest is also known as Indian Blanket. An annual, it reseeds itself readily if allowed the opportunity. The Firewheel is in the Aster family. Requirements: Sandy Soil, good drainage. Special Value to native bees. My firewheel came in a wildflower package from Native Seeds. … Continue reading

How’d that Snake Get in my House!?

Sonoran Gopher Snake

This is part of our series: “Things they never tell you before you move to Arizona”  -kr How might a snake get into your house? Hint: check your dryer vent. Here’s the back story and the fix. One hot summer day, I was out in my rose garden and watched … Continue reading

Get Your Annual State Parks Pass!

If you haunt the State Parks as much as we do, you will get your monies worth out of an Annual State Parks Pass. In Southern Arizona, it can be used at a half a dozen or so places. If you go to any of these frequently for Hikes or … Continue reading

Are Javelina Dangerous?


There is no shortage of rumors of attacks by the “vicious” javelina. In this video Mike Foster talks about safety when it comes to confronting the Collared Peccary.

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An Animal Story from Aravaipa Canyon

Odessey Storytelling

While researching Odyssey Storytelling at the Fluxx Studio and Gallery I came across a story about an encounter with wildlife in Aravaipa Canyon. Since we are planning a two-day adventure through the canyon with a stay at Booger Canyon, I found this particularly interesting. Fluxx Studio and Gallery is a … Continue reading

Turkey in the Wild

Wild Turkey at Window of Arizona Folklore Preserve.

It’s hard to imagine the turkey as the official bird of the United States, but if Ben Franklin had his way, it would have been. In a letter to his daughter, Franklin wrote, “I wish the bald eagle had not been chosen as the representative of our country! The turkey … Continue reading

Spotting the International Space Station

Horsehead Nebula

I was out for a walk this morning and as the days get shorter, I find myself starting out in the dark. Oftentimes, I spot the International Space Station wandering across the sky. Definately not a plane, it appears out of nowhere and disappears sometime later, maybe a minute, maybe 6 or 7. When watching the space station drift through the sky, one minute is short, you may miss it, but 6 minutes is an eternity. Next time you are out at night, glance through the sky, you may just spot it. It’s quite visible. Here is the link to the locations, times and inclination of the next sightings.

Nature Conservancy Protects 4 Preserves in Southern Arizona

Aravaipa Creek

The Nature Conservancy has responsibility for protecting three Preserves in Cochise County and one in Graham and Pinal Counties. These are Aravaipa Canyon Preserve, Muleshoe Canyon Ranch CMA, Patagonia-Sonoita Creek Preserve and Ramsey Canyon Preserve. Visit them all and let us know which one is your favorite. … Continue reading

Why are they Called Kangaroo Rats?


It’s actually not hard to imagine why, with their large back feet, these critters can hop a long way. It is their preferred method of transportation. And no, they are not related to the Kangaroo of Australia. … Continue reading