A Targeted Killing: How Cushing Street Got Its Name

Lt. Howard B. Cushing

In 1942, Eve Ball, author and friend to many Mescalero Apaches (NM), convinced Asa (Ace) Daklugie, a Chiricahua Apache, to tell her the stories of his people’s war with the United States of America and the Republic of Mexico (1861-1886). These stories had been told many times by White Eyes: … Continue reading

Chief Nana’s Revenge: An Extraordinary Life

Apache Chief Nana: 1885.

The Mexicans called him Nana; meaning “Grandma”. In 1881, he was about 75 years old, and was crippled in one leg. Moreover, his eyesight was deteriorating. But he had one good leg, a keen mind, and all-consuming hatred of Americans and Mexicans. In the late 1870’s and early 1880’s, this … Continue reading

Camp Grant Massacre: A Strange Epilogue

Chief Eskiminzin

Having read our stories about the Camp Grant Massacre and the trial of those Tucson citizens accused of this mass murder, you might find this brief follow-up note of interest. Following their acquittal, the leaders of the mob were rewarded with paying public positions. William Oury was elected city alderman; … Continue reading