Big Bird Lives At The Rooster Cogburn Ostrich Ranch!

Male Ostrich

I imagine that anyone who lives in Tucson, Arizona has passed by the Rooster Cogburn Ostrich Ranch along I-10, at Picacho Peak many times. And I imagine that most Tucsonans have, as they passed by doing 85, thought to themselves that some day they would stop in and see what … Continue reading

Tucson Attractions: The Ones Few People Know About!


Locals are generally familiar with our major Tucson and Southern Arizona attractions, such as our fantastic Desert Museum & the beautiful gardens of Tohono Chul Park. You can find the ones we recommend under “Attractions” in the Main Menu. However, very few locals know about or have been to the … Continue reading

The Story of “Bad Angel”: Pima Air and Space Museum

Kill marks on "Bad Angel".

On the Saturday following Thanksgiving 2013, Ms. Karen, my 94-year-old father, Bill Gressinger, and I were visiting Pima Air and Space Museum. We were in Hanger #4 to view the beautifully restored B-29, when I happened to take notice of a P-51 Mustang near the big bomber. It’s name … … Continue reading

Pima Air and Space Museum: A Review!

Ms. Karen & my father, Bill Gressinger under a restored B-29 at the Pima Air & Space Museum.

November 2013. It had been many years since we visited Pima Air and Space Museum. When we first moved to Tucson more than 10 years ago, we took our young grandchildren there and had not been back since, except briefly to create one of our 50 original videos when we … Continue reading

Arizona Folklore Preserve: A Southern Arizona Hidden Treasure!

Arizona Folklore Preserve sign.

We’ve “discovered” another Southern Arizona Hidden Treasure. Of course, like all “hidden treasures” we have discovered since starting Southern Arizona Guide 2 years ago, this one is hidden in plain sight. It’s just that most locals and almost all visitors don’t yet know about it. We would like to help … Continue reading

Visit The New Desert Palm Oasis At Tohono Chul Park

New Desert Palm Oasis at Tohono Chul Park

If you haven’t experienced it yet, do visit Tohono Chul Park’s new Desert Palm Oasis. They have created a reproduction of the ecology in the canyons near Guaymas, Mexico along the Gulf of California coast where 3 species of fan palms thrive. These rare palms are only found north of … Continue reading