Whitewater Draw Comes Alive; Monsoon Season in Arizona

Whitewater Draw Arizona

The Whitewater Draw comes alive in the monsoon season in Southern Arizona northeast of Bisbee. It is a perfect place to hear the calls of many species of frogs and toads. But you have to be quick and timing is everything. This video by Mike Foster, explains the Monsoons, the … Continue reading

The Western Yellow-billed Cuckoo

Yellow-billed Cuckoo

For all you bird watchers out there, spotting the Western Yellow-billed Cuckoo is a real treat. This species is threatened in Arizona, endangered in California and disappearing in other parts of North America. In this lecture, a biologist from the Southern Sierra Research Station goes into great depth about this … Continue reading

Black Hills Back Country Byway

Old Safford Bridge built with convict labor over the Gila River on what is now the scenic Black Hills Back Country Byway.

Other than to explore the abandoned old downtown and a few scattered artifacts, there isn’t much to do in Clifton except take photographs and say you’ve been there. But there is a reason to go to Clifton. Clifton is the northern entrance to the Black Hills Back Country Byway, a … Continue reading

Fort Huachuca Museums at Sierra Vista

Fort Huachuca near Sierra Vista, AZ

Just west of the main route through Sierra Vista is Fort Huachuca, headquarters for the U.S. Army’s Strategic Communications Command and the home of two fine military museums housed in three building on the fort. One museum is dedicated to the history of the U.S. Army in the American Southwest.

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In The Middle of Nowhere: Rattlesnake Crafts & Rocks!

Rattlesnake Shop AZ

One of the stranger places we visited on our tour of Southeastern Arizona is John & Sandy’s Rattlesnake Crafts & Rocks. John makes wallets, belts, and other useful items and souvenirs out of rattlesnake skins and sells them out of an old trailer. He also collects a lot of stuff others have discarded as junk. Here you will find literally tons of Old West artifacts lovingly horded for decades and on display for your amusement. Old signs, bottles, tools, boots, lanterns, you-name-it.

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