Is Sullivan’s The Best Steakhouse In Tucson?

Diner Steak Sullivans

As many of you already know, we are on a mission to discover the Top 10 Steakhouses in Tucson. The first year of the Guide, we published the Top 3 Mexican Restaurants. The following year it was the Top 10 Burgers in Tucson. Last year we ranked the Top 10 … Continue reading

PY Steakhouse: A Tucson Steakhouse Dining Review!

Steak at PY Steakhouse

Each year for several years now, we have published our list of the “Best” in selected dining categories. In our first year, we gave you our recommendations for the 3 Best Mexican Restaurants in Tucson. As many times as we have dined Mexican since, we have not experienced any better. … Continue reading

The Settlement Smokehouse: A Dining Review!


On a recent late Sunday morning, I was cruising south from Saguaro National Park East on Old Spanish Trail heading more or less toward Colossal Cave when I suddenly came upon The Settlement Smokehouse. Turning abruptly into the parking lot, this establishment seemed somehow familiar. Didn’t this use to be … let me think … […]

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The Dish Bistro & Wine Bar: Does It Serve The Best Steaks In Tucson?

The Dish Bistro

I have been searching for a steakhouse that serves a better ribeye than I can BBQ at home. I almost always purchase my ribeyes from Costco. They are ALWAYS better than any of the big-name grocery stores. If you know what you’re looking for, you can pick up a generous package of prime-cut ribeye’s for the cost of U.S.D.A. choice.

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Trail Dust Town

Dakota Cafe

Trail Dust Town is a recreated Old West town on the far east side of Tucson. Here you will find Pinnacle Peak Steakhouse (same owner as El Corral in central Tucson); a miniature train to ride around town in; an opera house, shops, the Museum of the Horse Soldier and … Continue reading

Lil Abner’s Steakhouse – Marana

This used to be a stage coach stop back in the Old West not so long ago. Full bar. Outdoor seating with live music on weekends. Big BBQ. Good steaks. Better ribs. Lil Abner’s would be a 3.5 Saguaro, but I had to give it  a half Saguaro for authenticity.

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