Polish Cottage: A Review!

Polish Cottage Restaurant Tucson Arizona

It took several months to arrange for this review of Polish Cottage on East Broadway. Not being Polish, or as far as I know, never having had authentic Polish cuisine, I had to find someone of Polish ancestry and culture to accompany us. How else would I be able to … Continue reading

Nox Kitchen & Cocktails: A Review!

Nox Kitchen & Cocktails; Tucson AZ

Mary had been Ms. Karen’s bridesmaid many years ago. And even though we all ended up in Tucson, we don’t get to see her as often as we’d like. So, we planned a lunch together at a central location that was also near the Mark Sublette Medicine Man Gallery at … Continue reading

Does Westin La Paloma Resort Have The Best Sunday Brunch?

Sunday Brunch buffet at Westin La Paloma Resort.

According to Tucson Weekly, their readers rated Westin La Paloma #1 for Best Sunday Brunch; with Loews Ventana Canyon Resort as runner up. The first thing I noticed about both reviews is they have the price wrong. Sunday Brunch at Westin La Paloma and Loews Ventana Canyon Resorts is NOT … Continue reading

Fleming’s: Does It Have The Best Burger In Tucson?


In our continuing quest to rank the top burger places in Tucson, this week several of us went to Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar at Campbell & Skyline. Yes, we were well aware of Fleming’s variable reputation. Some folks claim they serve the best steak in Tucson. Others say Fleming’s is over-priced and over-rated. […]

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Opa! Greek Cuisine & Fun: A Review.


April 2013 – The ancient Roman poet we call Virgil (70 BC – 19 BC) taught us an important lesson when he wrote the epic Aeneid. “Beware of Greeks bearing gifts.” I was reminded of that proverb recently. I had just been seated by the hostess at Opa! Greek Cuisine … Continue reading

The Dish Bistro & Wine Bar: Does It Serve The Best Steaks In Tucson?

The Dish Bistro

I have been searching for a steakhouse that serves a better ribeye than I can BBQ at home. I almost always purchase my ribeyes from Costco. They are ALWAYS better than any of the big-name grocery stores. If you know what you’re looking for, you can pick up a generous package of prime-cut ribeye’s for the cost of U.S.D.A. choice.

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Old Pueblo Grille: What’s up with it?

Old Pueblo Grille Interior

February 2013 – Last Labor Day, Ms. Karen & I had lunch at Old Pueblo Grille. If you read my review, you know our meal was disappointing, although the Rattlesnake Eggs were delicious (jalapeno peppers with cream cheese wrapped in bacon). When I write a negative review, I try to go back … Continue reading

Gourmet Girls Gluten-Free Bakery & Bistro: A Review

“Indulge Yourself Again” is a slogan Gourmet Girls Bakery customers can relate to.

There I was, in this quaint little bakery on North Oracle, munching on an open-face turkey sandwich on French bread with a side of potato salad – all gluten-free – and enjoying the meal immensely. This was unexpected. Like most people who have tried gluten-free bread and other gluten-free foods, my limited experience was that […]

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