Does Westin La Paloma Resort Have The Best Sunday Brunch?

Sunday Brunch buffet at Westin La Paloma Resort.

According to Tucson Weekly, their readers rated Westin La Paloma #1 for Best Sunday Brunch; with Loews Ventana Canyon Resort as runner up. The first thing I noticed about both reviews is they have the price wrong. Sunday Brunch at Westin La Paloma and Loews Ventana Canyon Resorts is NOT … Continue reading

Tavolino Ristorante Italiano: A Review.

Tavolino Restaurante Italiano: Tucson

Chef Massimo Tennino describes his Tavolino as “an inviting restaurant that feels like an Italian neighborhood trattoria. Tavolino specializes in simple, elegant food, including fresh salads, homemade pastas, succulent roast and grilled meats, rotisserie chicken and game, and luscious desserts. Tavolino brings Italy to life in Tucson.” Thus far, I have no argument with his self-description, but I will have to return a few more times and try some other dishes.

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OM Modern Asian Kitchen – Tucson

OM Modern Asian Kitchen

In the spirit of honesty, Asian food is not my favorite, although I do enjoy some for a little variety … little being the operative word. Raw fish and seaweed just do not appeal to me. And the Oriental food I do like, Sweet & Sour Pork, Kung Pao Chicken, etc., isn’t particularly healthy.
That, and I had yet to experience a really good Oriental restaurant in Tucson.

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