A Cooper’s Hawk Pays A Visit


We occasionally have a feathered killer visit our yard. This Cooper’s Hawk frequents the big mesquite trees and tall eucalyptus tree in the garden areas between our casita and the main residence. He or she is an ambush hunter swooping down on unsuspecting doves & quails that feast below the … Continue reading

If You Love Our Desert Museum, Vote For It!

Coyote along the Desert Loop Trail at Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum

USA Today Nominates the Desert Museum’s Desert Loop Trail For Top 10 Zoo Exhibits in the Country Tucson, AZ (April 8, 2015)—The Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum is included among 20 of the top zoos in the country whose exhibits were nominated for the USA Today/10Best Zoo Exhibits-Readers Choice Awards announced on … Continue reading

Thar’s A New Black Bear In Town!

New black bear at Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum

This cub was found injured near Payson, AZ last August. She had a broken leg, but is doing very well now. She weights in at 111 pounds as of her debut March 30, 2015. She will probably gain another 100 pounds over the next year. She seems both curious about … Continue reading

Southern Arizona Photography By Debbie Angel

Ramsey Canyon in the Fall

We at Southern Arizona Guide occasionally invite talented artists to share their creations with our quarter million annual visitors. I found Debbie Angel on Facebook and thought her Southern Arizona photography, mostly landscapes and wildlife, to be truly beautiful. Debbie tells us she has had a life-long passion for photography, … Continue reading

The Elegant Trogan in Southern Arizona


Many birders come to Southern Arizona just for the prospect of seeing the Elegant Trogan, a bird who colorful appearance resemble birds from more tropical climates. They have a distinctive call and are elusive. However, the males are bright red on the chest which should make it easier to spot. … Continue reading

Texas Ranger after a Monsoon

Texas Ranger

This plant is beautiful after a monsoon rain. The Texas Ranger, Texas Sage or Barometer plant, scientific name, Leucophyllum, is a popular plant in the desert landscape for its bright purple blooms after a rain. Often sheered into perfectly round balls of shrubery, I prefer to let it go wild. … Continue reading

Summer on the San Pedro River

Summer on the San Pedro

This is a charming video portraying a high school graduate’s summer spent exploring the San Pedro Riparian and Conservation Area. If you don’t know what the SPRNCA has to offer watch this video. Mike Foster, San Pedro River Videos, is an ardent supporter of the Friends of the San Pedro … Continue reading