Whipple Observatory: Looking For Answers In A Vast Universe!

Telescope Mt Hopkins

The Fred Lawrence Whipple Observatory (FLWO) is the largest field installation of the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory (SAO) outside Cambridge, MA. Since October 1968, the FLWO has been used as the site for experiments requiring extremely dark skies, dry climate, and good “optical seeing.” The Whipple Observatory Visitor Center is less than … Continue reading

Cool Summer Saturday Nights At Our Desert Museum

Nights at the Desert Museum

One of the reasons so many locals visit SouthernArizonaGuide.com is our recommended Things To Do With Kids section. Extreme summer heat increases the difficulty of finding activities for the whole family. Which is why we appreciate our great Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum even more in June, July, & August. Every Saturday night from June through August […]

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Go To The Sky Bar On 4th Avenue And Restore The Clark!

rotundaTelescope Club

This may seem a stretch, but there are connections between the Sky Bar on 4th Avenue in Tucson and the Lowell Observatory above Flagstaff, even though they are separated by almost 300 miles. First, both have telescopes through which you & I can view the heavens. Second, one is about to host a fundraiser to […]

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The Best Downtown Tucson Museums

Early 20th Century Tucson, AZ

In no particular order, here are our recommendations for The 4 Best Downtown Tucson Museums: (1) Jewish History Museum; (2) Tucson Museum of Art; (3) El Agustin de Tucson Presidio; and (4) Arizona Historical Society Downtown Tucson Museum; (5) Southern Arizona Transportation Museum

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Things To Do In Graham Country: Roper Lake, Dankworth Ponds, & Discovery Park

Roper Lake and Mt. Graham

The area near Safford has several worthwhile things to see and do: Roper Lake State Park, Dankworth Ponds, and Discovery Park. Just to the west of Safford is 10,000 foot-high Mt. Graham. At the top are some of the most powerful telescopes on earth. The road to Mt. Graham is about as steep, narrow, and windy as you’re likely to find in the United States. There’s a nice picnic area about 8 miles up this road from Rt. 191 a few miles south of Safford.

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To Mt. Lemmon Sky Center & Outer Space!

Kitt Peak observable gallaxies

I thought our grandchildren might enjoy a nighttime astronomy program so when Groupon offered half-price tickets to the Sky Center atop Mt Lemmon, I snapped up five and made reservations for late August when our 14.5 and 16 year-old grandsons, Morgan & Jon, where scheduled to visit here for a few weeks.

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Cochise Stronghold Natural Apache Fortress

This rugged natural fortress was, for some 15 years, the home and base of operations for the famed Chiricahua Apache Chief, Cochise.  Cochise and about 1,000 of his followers, of whom some 250 were warriors, located here.  Sentinels, constantly on watch from the towering pinnacles of rock, could spot their enemies in the valley below and sweep down without warning in destructive raids.  No White Eyes, man, woman or child, within a hundred miles was safe from these attacks. Click here to read more. Enjoy Hiking, birdwatching, rockclimbing. Stargazing or just cooling off in the 5000ft. Elevation. Camping is available and run by the BLM. RV's no longer than 30'. There are 9 tent or RV sites, and 2 group sites.
To read more about this fascinating area, see our webpage on Council Rocks.

Nearby lodging
Cochise Stronghold B&B.
Sunglow Ranch

Apache-history_115For more information on the Apaches and the history surrounding the Apache Wars, see our page on the Local History of the Apaches.

Kitt Peak National Observatory

An introduction to the Kitt Peak National Optical Astronomy Observatory. Information about the science center and the telescopes as well as the Steward Mirror Lab. If you have not seen the tour of the Mirror Lab, it is worth the trip. Currently, the lenses that are being made for Chile take about 2 years to perfect.
Editor's Note: Sadly, Rich Fedele passed away September 2, 2014.