A Day In Santa Cruz County

Harshaw Township Sign

Santa Cruz County is still sparsely populated and remains an excellent destination for bird and wildlife photographers, hikers, ghost town hunters, kayakers, and other outdoor enthusiasts.

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Las Lagunas de Anza Wetlands: A Nogales Treasure

Las Lagunas de Anza

Las Lagunas is a lush Natural Wetlands smack dab off the I-19 Freeway just 8 miles from the Mexican border. Several weeks ago, a fellow by the name of Don Clemans contacted us at Southern Arizona Guide, wanting to know how he could get into the Best Birding Spots in … Continue reading

Tucson Day Trip 3: Southern Arizona Wine Country

Deer grazing near Sonoita

The dozen or so wineries in the little communities of Sonoita & Elgin are about an hour southeast of Tucson via scenic Hwy. 83.  The terrain here is very different from Tucson. No saguaros, but miles of rolling hills, tall grass & cattle herds and if you look closely you … Continue reading

A Summer Picnic At Carr Canyon

(July 2015) As we often do in the heat of summer, last Sunday we headed for higher elevation. Carr Canyon is just south of Ramsey Canyon and a lot less crowded than Mt. Lemmon. For a second year in a row, we picnicked at Reef Townsite Campground near the top … Continue reading

Fairbank AZ: Ghost Town

Fairbank, AZ Restored Schoolhouse.

Fairbank is a Southern Arizona ghost town, and one of the best preserved, thanks to numerous conservation efforts. It’s located in the San Pedro Riparian Conservation Area about 10 miles west of Tombstone. Here conservation efforts have saved the San Pedro River, a haven for dozens of species of critters and birds.

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Saguaro Fruit Harvest Lunch Recipes

Cooking Saguaro Fruit

Below are Saguaro Fruit Recipes and Additional Learning Resources gathered from a recent Study Program presented by the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum. For the Slideshow on our recent Saguaro Fruit Harvest experience see our post here. Connie’s Punched-up Punch 1 gallon prickly pear juice 1 C sugar (opt) 12-oz. can orange … Continue reading

Lakes to Visit this Summer in Southern Arizona

Riggs Flats Lake near the top of 11,000' high Mt. Graham.

Arivaca LakePatagonia LakeRoper LakePena Blanca LakeRiggs Flat LakeRose Canyon Lake This summer everyone is looking for ways to get out of the heat, and usually that includes water. So, that said, here is a short list of lakes in the area, accessible within two hours of Tucson, and a little … Continue reading

Carr House Open for the Season

Carr House

The month of April features The Friends of the Huachuca Mountains, who open the Carr House seasonally for your education and enjoyment. Watch the Video. Carr House is open and will remain open through October. September 20, 2015 Christopher Bentley will talk about the Coronado Expedition at 1:30pm. See the … Continue reading