A Summer Picnic At Carr Canyon

Reef Townsite Campground high above Carr Canyon.

(July 2015) As we often do in the heat of summer, last Sunday we headed for higher elevation. Carr Canyon is just south of Ramsey Canyon and a lot less crowded than Mt. Lemmon. For a second year in a row, we picnicked at Reef Townsite Campground near the top … Continue reading

Saguaro Fruit Harvest Lunch Recipes

Cooking Saguaro Fruit

Below are Saguaro Fruit Recipes and Additional Learning Resources gathered from a recent Study Program presented by the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum. For the Slideshow on our recent Saguaro Fruit Harvest experience see our post here. Connie’s Punched-up Punch 1 gallon prickly pear juice 1 C sugar (opt) 12-oz. can orange … Continue reading

Lakes to Visit this Summer in Southern Arizona

Riggs Flats Lake near the top of 11,000' high Mt. Graham.

Arivaca LakePatagonia LakeRoper LakePena Blanca LakeRiggs Flat LakeRose Canyon Lake This summer everyone is looking for ways to get out of the heat, and usually that includes water. So, that said, here is a short list of lakes in the area, accessible within two hours of Tucson, and a little … Continue reading

Carr House Open for the Season

Carr House

The month of April features The Friends of the Huachuca Mountains, who open the Carr House seasonally for your education and enjoyment. Watch the Video. Carr House is open and will remain open through October. September 20, 2015 Christopher Bentley will talk about the Coronado Expedition at 1:30pm. See the … Continue reading

Big Bird Lives At The Rooster Cogburn Ostrich Ranch!

Male Ostrich

I imagine that anyone who lives in Tucson, Arizona has passed by the Rooster Cogburn Ostrich Ranch along I-10, at Picacho Peak many times. And I imagine that most Tucsonans have, as they passed by doing 85, thought to themselves that some day they would stop in and see what … Continue reading

Tucson Day Trip 1: Mission Tumacácori To Mission San Xavier

Anza walking behind the Tumacacori Church

Tubac, The Missions, The Titan Missile Museum, The Mineral Discovery Museum and more! There are two historically important missions south of Tucson just off I-19: Missions San Xavier del Bac and Tumacácori. (pron: san ha’-vee-air and too-ma-ca’-cor-ee) “Bac” was the Papago Indian name for the site. The Papago Indians are … Continue reading