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"Southern Arizona's Extraordinary History"
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You can get the PDF here or you can find the print version at Antigone on 4th Avenue; the gift shops of Tucson's better resorts and hotels: Westin La Paloma; the Arizona Inn; Tucson Visitor Center at Euclid & University; Tohono Chul Park.

Tucson & Southern Arizona’s Past Told In Amazing,
But True Stories From the Archives of Southern Arizona Guide

Murders, Infernos, Earthquakes, Broken Treaties, Mob Violence, Torture, Prostitutes, Lynchings, Gunfighters, Vendettas, Conquest, Apaches, Injustice, Massacres, Heroes, Fortunes, Ambushes, Outlaws, Miracles, Graveyards, Preachers, Gamblers, Miners, Robbers, Warrior Women, and a Parade. This was the Wild West of Southern Arizona. 
It’s all here in this compilation of true short stories.

Now, Tucson & Southern Arizona History shines a light on some of our most famous and infamous pioneers and their almost unbelievable stories. Based on the principle that facts are more interesting than fiction, the local history archives of Southern Arizona Guide tells it like it really was.


Since he launched SouthernArizonaGuide.com in 2011, hundreds of thousands of armchair historians have enjoyed Jim Gressinger’s local history articles online. Now the author has produced an anthology of some of his most colorful historical nuggets. These include sixteen well-researched stories from the rough and ready mining towns of Bisbee and Tombstone; tales from the Old Pueblo; straight-shooting lawman John Slaughter with a soft heart for children; intrepid pioneer women like Larcena Pennington who refused to die at the hands of Arizona’s alpha predators; the great Chiricahua Apache leader, Cochise and the Apache Wars; and that baseball-playing preacher from Massachusetts named Peabody. On his SouthernArizonaGuide.com, Jim has written hundreds of his recommendations for Best Dining, Lodging, Things To See & Do and sprinkled a few of his suggestions through these amazing stories. Enjoy!
Marshall Trimble
Official Arizona State Historian


“The entire Wild West didn’t take place in Southern Arizona. It only seems that way because of the legendary cast of characters that roamed the landscape. That means a lot of great stories sprang from these deserts, grasslands, mountains and towns. What Jim Gressinger does so well is tell the stories behind the stories. He breathes life into this intriguing but often brutal history, connecting us to people and places in unexpected ways. The flavor of the times spills from the pages of this book in rich detail. Once you’ve finished, you’ll be inspired to explore even more of this fascinating swath of country known as Southern Arizona.”

– Roger Naylor
AZ Travel Writer; author of several books on the American Southwest, including: Boots & Burgers: An Arizona Handbook for Hungry Hikers and Arizona Kicks on Route 66.


“A no-holds-barred look at some noteworthy Southern
Arizona people and events.”
– David Devine
Author of: Tucson: A History of the Old Pueblo
from the 1854 Gadsden Purchase
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