In the following articles you will find at least five Tucson Micro breweries, each of which has it's own "flavor", if I may.
Tucson is expanding its repertoire of beer establishments every year. However, like Farmer's Markets, micro-breweries come and go. Nimbus, previously reviewed, is recently defunct.
Some of the breweries to pop up are:
BJ's Brewhouse is a family-friendly chain. No beer is actually brewed at the two sites in Tucson. BJ's ales are brewed elsewhere and shipped. That said, it is a pleasant atmosphere, good food and they are open late. Oracle just south of Tucson Mall and Broadway and Craycroft.
Borderlands Brewing Company at 119 E. Toole somewhere near downtown just off the tracks. Now sporting a Bocce Ball Court for your entertainment as well as live music.
Pueblo Vida Brewing Company at 115 E. Broadway is in the gentrified Downtown area, a tad bit east on the Sun-Link Route. It's tap room is unassuming so you might miss it if you didn't know where it was. They don't serve food, rather focusing on the beer part, but you can bring any food in that you wish.
Sentinel Brewing Company was crowdfunded and founded by three local firemen. It is located on the southeast corner of Grant and Swan. The serve a light menu including Firehouse Chili when available.

Please feel free to send us a line as to your favorite in town or any other town for that matter.

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