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red car crossing aravaipa creek

To reach the east entrance to Aravaipa Canyon we had to cross Aravaipa Creek several times. Four wheel drive is recommended but front-wheel drive will work most of the time. The photo above was taken on our first visit back in February 2013. You can see that the trees had yet to sprout leaves.

Nature Conservancy cabin at Aravaipa Canyon EastWhile exploring the Aravaipa Canyon from the east entrance last February, we came across a cabin with the words "Guest House" painted on the sign. Welcoming words, indeed. We had to check it out. After arriving back home and doing some research, we found that the Nature Conservancy rents it out. What a boon! We vowed to return, stay in the cabin a couple of nights, and share the experience with friends.

(Note: Details & contact information about renting this cabin are at the end of this feature.) Read More