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Please note. We do not "sell" advertising. Advertising is by invitation only. We have a simple rule that makes us different from all other publishers. "If we cannot wholeheartedly recommend your establishment to our friends & family, you cannot advertise on our website."

In this way, all of our half-million annual visitors know that we recommend all of our local advertisers. Usually, an invitation to advertise is extended after we have written and published a positive review.

Impressions and Clicks

Impressions: As publishers, we are responsible for fulfilling our guarantee that your ad will garner at least the number of impressions that you pay for. An impression is anytime a visitor is on the same page or post where an ad appears.

Clicks: As an advertiser, you are responsible for the number of clicks your ad garners. Clicks are a function of how attractive your ad is and how compelling your offer or information is. These are factors over which we have little or no control.

Sample Ad Sizes & Rates

Sidebar advertising rates are based on Impressions Per Thousand Per Year, except government entities, member organizations, shopping centers, & property management companies are on a different rate base.

For more information or to schedule an ad, please call Jim at (520) 820-2710 or email

Please note: As of July 2015, has converted to a "responsive design"; Google-Speak for "mobile friendly". This is important for two reasons. First, our site now looks & works great on mobile devices, such as smart phones and tablets.

Second, on the mobile version, all sidebar ads are now pushed to the bottom of the page or post when viewing the "Mobile Version". This is because the screens are too small to properly display sidebars. About half of our visitors access on a mobile device. Thus, if you do not want to have your ad at the bottom, purchase a Banner Display or Deluxe Display Ad that we can embed in the text higher on any given page or post.

We should also note that the sidebar display ads that are forced to the bottom on mobile devices continue to get about as many clicks as those that do show up in the sidebar on desktop and laptop computers. This may sound counter-intuitive, but it is statistically accurate.

Standard Side Bar: 250 X 288 pixels
$300 per year for 60,000 impressions
$400 per year for 80,000 impressions

Tucson Botanical GardensHow many impressions do you want your ad
to garner over the next 12 months?

Standard CPM Rate For Sidebar Ads
$5 per thousand impressions!

  • Standard Sidebar Display Ad
    $300 (min.) = at least 60,000 impressions.
    $400 = at least 80,000 impressions.
  • Large Sidebar Display Ad
    $500 (min.) = at least 100,000 impressions.
    $600 = at least 120,000 impressions

Minimum buy is a Standard Ad in the Standard Rotation for at least 60,000 impressions = $300 per year. (Note: see qualifier under "Hot Spots".)

Advertisers have the option of purchasing any size ad at its minimum price and guaranteed minimum impressions and then add any number of impressions (up to 200,000) at $5 per M.

For example, advertisers can purchase a Standard Size Ad for its minimum $300 for 60,000 impressions per year. They can then add an additional 60,000 impressions for an additional $300 = $600 for 120,000 impressions.


Why Buy A Bigger Ad?

  1. Bigger ads attract more attention. More attention equals more clicks.
  2. Bigger ads can provide readers with more information, thus generating more interest. More interest equals more clicks.
  3. Bigger ads may not garner more impressions. However, they do tend to garner more clicks than smaller ads, sometimes 3-4 times as many.

Animation: ads with animation, add $100 per year. These tend to garner the most clicks because they are the most attention-getting.


Large Sidebar Display Ad
$500 per year for 100,000 impressions
$600 per year for 120,000 impressions

Large Sidebar: 250 X 576 pixels

Tucson Museum of Art ExhibitionLarge Click-Through Display Ad: Sidebar placement only.


Our Banner and Deluxe Display Ad rates are not based on a guaranteed number of impressions. However, they can be placed conspicuously within the text of an article or feature where they cannot be missed by anyone viewing that page. The result is that they garner approximately the same ratio of Impressions to Clicks.

Banner Display Ad
$700 per Year

Size: 620 pixels wide X 216 pixels high

Visit Tohono Chul Park

Banner Display Ads, such as Tohono Chul's above, can be placed in a footer, or embedded in a post or page. (editorial content) higher on a page or post, even on mobile devices. Embedded Banner Ads can be locked into a preferred position. A second ad placed in a locked position is half the price of the first. For example, Tohono Chul has one of these display ads locked in our Attractions / Parks & Gardens and also rotates in our Standard Rotation Program for maximum exposure to reach a target audience.

Note: a Banner or Deluxe Display ad in our Standard Rotation Program will rotate at the bottom of posts. Since most or our editorial content has a "Read More" feature after two or three paragraphs, it is nearly impossible for a visitor to a particular post not to see these larger ads.


Deluxe Display Ad
$900 per Year

Size: 620 pixels wide X 400 pixels high

Ironwood Gallery

Deluxe Display Ads, such as the Desert Museum's Ironwood Gallery above, are our largest ads. They can be placed in a footer, or embedded in a post or page. Embedded Deluxe Display Ads are locked into a preferred position. A second and/or additional ad(s) placed in any position is/are 50% of the price of the first.

Sponsorship Ads

Sponsorship ad[1] copy

Our advertisers can sponsor a particular section. For example, Hotel Congress sponsors our Downtown Tucson section. It is a popular section and their ad message cannot be missed.

Sponsor Ads are always placed at the top of a page or post just beneath our Southern Arizona Guide Banner & Main Menu. The advantage to this placement is visibility. It is possible for a standard ad in a standard placement to be located lower on a page or post and not be seen by some visitors to our website.

Obviously, when ads are not seen, they garner no clicks. This issue is eliminated for our sponsors. Any visitor who goes to a particular section or sub-section that has a sponsor is going to see that sponsor's message.

Sponsor a Section or Sub-Section. The Guide has 15 Major Sections on the Main Menu, such as Attractions, Adventures, Dining, & Events Calendar. There are dozens of sub-sections in drop-down menus. For example, our visitors find Best Tucson Restaurants in a sub-section under the Main Dining Section.

Sponsorship Ad Rate: $1,200 per year.

These are typically the first page visitors see when looking for a particular category and, thus, get the most traffic.This rate includes (1) one banner size click-through display ad at the beginning of a section; (2) an additional same size ad in our Standard Rotation; and (3) a Hot Spot on any related Interactive Map.

Video Feature: $500 Per Year

<embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="400" height="300"></embed>

Some of our advertisers, such as artist Diana Maderas, already have a video they want to use as one of their ads. We are happy to display them if they are appropriate for our audience and are of high quality production values.

Advertisers' videos are also uploaded to Southern Arizona Guide's Vimeo and YouTube channels for even more exposure.


Hot Spots on our Interactive Maps are $100 per year. About half of our visitors use Hot Spots to navigate Southern Arizona Guide. Please note: hot spots are optional. But if an advertiser does not purchase a hot spot, we cannot guarantee the number of impressions. This is because about half of our visitors use our interactive maps to navigate our website. All ads that have an associated hot spot are much more likely to be seen and clicked.

Camera ready art accepted.
Production: $40/hour.

All advertising is paid in advance. Renewal invoices will be emailed two months in advance.

 Thank you for letting us contribute to your bottom line.

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