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$100* Per Year Buys Your Display Ad More Than 50,000 Impressions!

Now (January 2014) beginning it’s third year, is on track to attract more than 200,000 visitors this year (according to Google Analytics) and our audience continues to grow. Our visitors are searching for what we offer: our recommendations for the BEST attractions, activities, dining, and lodging in Southern Arizona. Thus,

Our advertisers have access to a highly targeted audience.


* $100 per revenue center per year for standard size click-through display ad in our standard rotation. Most of our display ads in our standard rotation are on track to get at least 40,000 impressions over the next 12 months.

* City & County rates depend on population: Under 50,000 = $300. Over 50,000 = $600 per year for standard size ad in the standard rotation. Same for chambers, convention & visitor bureaus etc., representing many businesses within their municipality or membership. Thus a city, such as Bisbee, with a population less than 50,000, has a rate of $300/year for a standard size click-through display ad in the standard rotation. A county, such as Pima, with a population greater then 50,000 has a rate of $600 per year for the same size ad.

* Property Management Companies: $25 per rental unit per year. Minimum: $300 per year for a standard size ad in our standard rotation. A second ad placed in a locked position, such as Tucson Lodging, is the same price as the first.

* Also, our advertisers link their website to ours for mutual SEO benefit.

Advertising Philosophy

Editorially, we only recommend those attractions, activities, restaurants, and places of lodging that we wholeheartedly recommend to our friends and family. Similarly, we only accept advertising from establishments that meet this same discriminating criteria.

Standard Rate In Standard Rotation: $100 per Year per Revenue Center

Our $100 per year rate is based on the number of revenue centers an advertiser has. For example, a Mom & Pop restaurant usually has only one revenue center: food & beverage.

A large resort with (1) lodging, (2) food & beverage, (3) retail shops, (4) a spa, & (5) a  golf course has 5 revenue centers. So, their Standard Size Display Ad in our Standard Rotation is $500 per year.

Multiple Ad Placements

Many of our advertisers place display ads in locked positions in addition to placement in the Standard Rotation. For example, the Tucson Museum of Art has a display ad in the Standard Rotation and an additional ad locked into position in our Museum section. The rate for additional display ads of the same size is the same as the first.

Hot Spots On Our Interactive Maps

Our Hot Spots Interactive Maps are one way our visitors navigate our website. An advertiser’s Hot Spot lets our visitors know their location.

They simple pass their cursor over a Hot Spot of interest and click on the pop-up balloon. In an instant, they are taken to either a related feature on or to the advertiser’s website.

Hot Spots are an extra $100 per year.

City, County, & Chamber Rates

Cities, Counties, Chambers, etc. have rates that are more expensive because they represent many businesses that can benefit from the ad expenditure. For example, a $200 banner ad for a single business with only one revenue center is either $600 or $1200 per year for a city or county depending on whether its population is under or over 100,000.

Note: we don’t advertise “hits” because they are an irrelevant measurement. But we do share with our advertisers meaningful measurements, such as “Page Views”, “Unique Visitors”, and “Ad Impressions”.

Additional Benefits

In addition to reaching our highly targeted audience, our advertisers have other benefits.

  1. Our advertisers can input their upcoming events directly to our Events Calendar.
  2. Our advertisers can purchase a Hot Spot on our Interactive Maps for only $100 per year.
  3. Many of our advertisers get editorial support in the form of features, slideshows, pictorials, and reviews.

See Advertising Specs & Rates Below

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Advertising Sizes & Rates

A Unique Guide To Tucson, Bisbee, Tubac,
Tombstone & Surrounding Areas

Sample Ad Sizes & Rates

All advertising rates are on a per page, per year, per revenue center* basis; except government entities, member organizations, & property management companies are on a different rate base. (See Above).

Standard Click-Through Display Ad in Sidebar or Footer: $100 first year in our standard rotation. A second ad placed in a locked position is the same price as the first. Advertisers can dramatically increase the number of impressions their ad receives by placing more than one display ad either in the standard rotation or in a locked position.

Standard Rotation means all ads rotate with every page view. Ads in the Standard Rotation Program get about the same number of impressions as all others in that program, currently more than 50,000 per year.

Animation: ads with animation, add $100 per year.

Side Bar: 250 X 288 pixels or 3.47″ X 4″

Tucson Botanical Gardens

Double The Size / Double The Price: $200 first year.

Side Bar: 250 X 576 pixels

Tucson Museum of Art ExhibitionLarge Click-Through Display Ad: $200. Sidebar placement only.
Camera ready art accepted.
Second ad same price as first.
Production: $40/hour.

Banner Display Ad: $200 first year.

Size: 620 pixels wide X 216 pixels high.

Banner Display Ads, such as Tohono Chul’s, can be placed in a footer, or embedded in a post or page. (editorial content). Embedded Banner Ads are locked into a preferred position. A second ad placed in a locked position is the same price as the first.

Size: 620 pixels wide X 216 pixels high.

Deluxe Display Ad: $250 first year.

Size: 620 pixels wide X 400 pixels high.

Deluxe Display Ads, such as Bisbee Mining & Historical Museum, are our largest ads. They can be placed in a footer, or embedded in a post or page. Embedded Deluxe Display Ads are locked into a preferred position. A second ad placed in a locked position is the same price as the first.

Each additional ad placement is the same price as the first.

Sponsorship Ads

Sponsorship ad[1] copySponsor Ads are always placed at the top of a page or post just beneath our Southern Arizona Guide Banner & Main Menu. The advantage to this placement is visibility. It is possible for a standard ad in a standard placement to be located lower on a page or post and not be seen by some visitors to our website.

Obviously, when ads are not seen, they garner no clicks. This issue is eliminated for our sponsors. Any visitor who goes to a particular section or sub-section that has a sponsor is going to see that sponsor’s message.

Sponsor a Section or Sub-Section. The Guide has 15 Major Sections on the Main Menu, such as Attractions, Adventures, Dining, & Events Calendar. There are dozens of sub-sections in drop-down menus. For example, our visitors find Best Tucson Restaurants in a sub-section under the Main Dining Section.

These are typically the first page visitors see when looking for a particular category and, thus, get the most traffic. RATE: $1,200 per year. This rate includes (1) one banner size click-through display ad at the beginning of a section; (2) an additional same size ad in our Standard Rotation; and (3) a Hot Spot on any related Interactive Map.

Original Video Feature: $500 first year.

Two to three minute professional High Definition video.
Production: Videography: $40/Hour. Video Editing: $50/Hour.
Free Estimate.


Ad Placement

All display advertisements in our standard rotation rotate with each page view so that all have statistically the same probability of being seen. Thus, if advertisers wants to double the number of impressions their advertisement receives, they can simply take a second ad in the standard rotation.

However, an advertiser may wish to take a non-rotating or locked position. For example, the Tombstone Chamber of Commerce may want at least one of their ads to always appear in our Tombstone Section. The second ad in a locked position typically receives about a fourth of the impressions as those in the standard rotation. While the number of impressions is less, the advertiser’s target audience is more concentrated. In other words, a hotel’s ad in the standard rotation will receive about 50,000 impressions. If that same ad is also locked in our Lodging Section, it will typically receive about 12,000 impressions, but visitors to that section will specifically be searching for lodging.

Advertisers can have the best of both positions by taking two ads, one rotating and the other in a locked position.

*Revenue Center Defined

Any distinct source of business revenue. For example, a single restaurant generally has only one revenue source, the sale of meals (i.e., food & beverage). A large destination restaurant may also have a gift shop. Thus, it would have two distinct revenue sources and an additional monthly advertising charge for the one additional revenue center.

Resorts generally have many revenue centers besides nightly room rental fees, such as a restaurant, spa, stables, and golf course. A standard size ad for such a resort with 5 revenue centers in our standard rotation would be $500 per year. An additional ad in a locked position would be an additional $500.

Why a multiple revenue center rate structure? A business with multiple revenue centers can amortize its advertising costs over multiple revenue sources. Multiple revenue sources translate to greater advertising benefits because there are more opportunities for profit than a business with a single revenue source, such as a mom & pop café.

All advertising is paid in advance. Renewal notices will be emailed two months in advance.

 Thank you for letting us contribute to your bottom line.

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