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A Unique Guide To Tucson, Bisbee, Tubac,
Tombstone & Surrounding Areas

Please note. We do not "sell" advertising. Advertising is by invitation only. We have a simple rule that makes us different from all other publishers. "If we cannot wholeheartedly recommend your establishment to our friends & family, you cannot advertise on our website."

In this way, all of our 300,000+ annual visitors know that we recommend all of our local advertisers. Usually, an invitation to advertise is extended after we have written and published a positive review.

Sample Ad Sizes & Rates

All advertising rates are based on Impressions Per Thousand Per Year, except government entities, member organizations, shopping centers, & property management companies are on a different rate base.

For more information or to schedule an ad, please call (520) 820-2710 or email

Side Bar: 250 X 288 pixels or 3.47" X 4"

Tucson Botanical GardensHow many impressions do you want your ad to get?

Standard Rates For Standard Size Ads: $5 per thousand impressions!

  • $300 (min.) = at least 60,000 impressions.
  • $400 = at least 80,000 impressions.
  • $500 = at least 100,00 impressions.
  • $600 = at least 120,000 impressions


Why Buy A Bigger Ad?

• Bigger ads attract more attention. More attention equals more clicks.

• Bigger ads can provide readers with more information, thus generating more interest. More interest equals more clicks.

Animation: ads with animation, add $100 per year. These tend to garner the most clicks because they are the most attention-getting.


Double The Size / Add $200 Per Year.

Side Bar: 250 X 576 pixels

Tucson Museum of Art ExhibitionLarge Click-Through Display Ad: Sidebar placement only.
Camera ready art accepted.
Production: $40/hour.


Banner Display Ad: Add $250 Per Year.

Size: 620 pixels wide X 216 pixels high.

Visit Tohono Chul Park

Banner Display Ads, such as Tohono Chul's, can be placed in a footer, or embedded in a post or page. (editorial content). Embedded Banner Ads are locked into a preferred position. A second ad placed in a locked position is the same price as the first.


Deluxe Display Ad: Add $300 Per Year.

Size: 620 pixels wide X 400 pixels high.

Deluxe Display Ads, such as Bisbee Mining & Historical Museum, are our largest ads. They can be placed in a footer, or embedded in a post or page. Embedded Deluxe Display Ads are locked into a preferred position. A second ad placed in a locked position is the same price as the first.

Each additional ad placement is the same price as the first.

Sponsorship Ads

Sponsorship ad[1] copySponsor Ads are always placed at the top of a page or post just beneath our Southern Arizona Guide Banner & Main Menu. The advantage to this placement is visibility. It is possible for a standard ad in a standard placement to be located lower on a page or post and not be seen by some visitors to our website.

Obviously, when ads are not seen, they garner no clicks. This issue is eliminated for our sponsors. Any visitor who goes to a particular section or sub-section that has a sponsor is going to see that sponsor's message.

Sponsor a Section or Sub-Section. The Guide has 15 Major Sections on the Main Menu, such as Attractions, Adventures, Dining, & Events Calendar. There are dozens of sub-sections in drop-down menus. For example, our visitors find Best Tucson Restaurants in a sub-section under the Main Dining Section.

These are typically the first page visitors see when looking for a particular category and, thus, get the most traffic. RATE: $1,200 per year. This rate includes (1) one banner size click-through display ad at the beginning of a section; (2) an additional same size ad in our Standard Rotation; and (3) a Hot Spot on any related Interactive Map.

Video Feature: $500 Per Year.

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Some of our advertisers, such as artist Diana Maderas, already have a video they want to use as one of their ads. We are happy to display them if they are appropriate for our audience and are of high quality production values.


All advertising is paid in advance. Renewal invoices will be emailed two months in advance.

 Thank you for letting us contribute to your bottom line.

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