Sabino Canyon Attractions

If you enjoy the out-of-doors, do not miss the chance to hike Sabino Canyon. This is a very pleasant day trip. For other Parks and Gardens in the area, see our list of the Best Parks and Gardens. Also, see our article on Things to do with Kids for more ideas.

Hiking Along Sabino Creek

For a small fee (cash only), you can ride the Sabino tram way up into the canyon, get off at any of 9 stops, and walk down to Sabino Creek. Get tram tickets at the booth next to the Visitors Center.

The level of water in Sabino Creek depends on how much rain the mountain received recently.

Alternatively, you can take the Bear Canyon tram to the Seven Falls trail head and hike the remaining 2.5 miles up the canyon where you will be rewarded with a series of waterfalls and pools. Wade in. This trail crosses Sabino Creek several times, so your feet will get wet. It’s beautiful up there. Take a picnic lunch and at least a quart of water per person. Watch for critters. Count on at least 3 hours round trip.

At the parking lot, there is an interesting Visitors Center where you can gather useful information about the canyon, including maps, but there are no restaurants nearby. At the very least, bring some snacks.

During the months of April, May, June, September, October and November, Sabino Canyon Tours offers evening rides three nights per month.  For more information or to make your reservations, call (520) 749-2327. Click here for Sabino Canyon website.

There are two worthwhile side trips not far from Sabino Canyon:

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