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Jim GressingerWelcome! I’m Jim Gressinger. I am pleased to be your local guide to Tucson and all of Southern Arizona. You are now among our quarter million annual visitors.
Southern Arizona Guide is very different from Chamber of Commerce and Visitor & Convention Bureau guides. For example, editorially we only recommend those attractions, activities, restaurants, and places of lodging that we wholeheartedly recommend to our friends and family. Similarly, we only accept advertising from establishments that meet this same discriminating criteria.

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Apache-history_115Read about the Apache Wars, and visit the forts, mountains, and canyons where savage battles were fought. Get to know some of the leaders on both sides.

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Wyatt Earp

Decide for yourself if Wyatt Earp’s killing spree in the aftermath of the Gunfight at the OK Corral was justified.

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Find out where the Ghost Towns are that are worth a visit.

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Video thumbnail for vimeo video Mission Tumacacori National Historical Park - The ChurchHere you will meet some of the most interesting and knowledgeable people in Southern Arizona, such as:
Anita Badertscher, a U.S. National Park Ranger who gives you a behind the scenes tour of the historically important Tumacácori Mission

Joy Timbers, owner of the beautiful & historic Calumet & Arizona Guest House in Bisbee and a fountain of knowledge about this fascinating historic city.

Dr. Jay, whose Walking Tour will take you back in time to the rough & ready mining town of 1880’s Tombstone.

Virgil Earp, whose 1881 interview takes place just minutes before he leaves to disarm the Clantons & McLaurys near the OK Corral.

Tom McLaury, who explains how the Earps have enticed his law-abiding ‘Cowboys’ into a gunfight just moments before Doc Holliday sends him to the Promised Land.

A Spanish soldado stationed at the Tucson Presidio in 1776 who describes his soldier’s life on the frontier of New Spain and complains that the Apaches don’t fight fair.

Dan Granger, a naturalist, who introduces you to the magnificent Sabino Canyon, with all its hiking trails, rugged beauty, and unique wildlife.

Four Docents at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum will teach you about some of our strange plants and critters.


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